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A toilet installation is disclosed which is especially suited for pleasure boats. A discharge tank is disposed under a toilet fixture and connected with it through an inlet orifice.
A flexible objurgating member comprising a flexible flap member and a downwardly opening cup-shaped float member is fixed at one side of the inlet orifice so that the flexible objurgating member hangs in the discharge tank when the latter is not pressurized.
Compressed air from an air compressor is carried through a conduit for pressurizing the discharge tank and expelling the effluent from the discharge tank through a drain orifice, the outlet end of the conduit is aimed at the underside of the float member so that compressed air issuing from the conduit thrusts the objurgating member against the inlet orifice thereby sealing off the discharge tank from the toilet fixture.
A second tank for clean water is preferably provided having a distributor valve unit which selectively connects the hollow rim of the toilet fixture. This type of services can be done in our Front Plumbing and Heating.